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Magic Learning System  
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The Amazing New, Easy, Fun, Fast, and Scientifically Proven Learning System that you can own to learn anything faster and get a free web site to earn profits from selling the system from your new home business opportunity.  I use this system myself and find it to be a great tool in learning anything faster.

EVERYONE Can Use "MasterMind" To Learn ANYTHING.

You choose ... science, chemistry, electronics, biology, math, languages, geography, sports statistics, trivia, math concepts and strategies, history, art, literature, vocabulary, birthdays and anniversaries, talks, jokes and stories, people's names .........wherever your imagination leads.

MasterMind Performance Guarantee

The MasterMind Power Learning System is guaranteed to improve grades and reduce homework time for any student who will apply the MasterMind system for a full school semester.

If the student is earning "B"s or lower then MasterMind is guaranteed to increase grades by a full letter grade. If the student is spending an hour or more a day on homework, then MasterMind is guaranteed to cut homework time in half.

This guarantee extends for a full 6 months or through the end of the next full school semester, whichever is later.


A 10th grader, after learning
the chemical symbols for half the periodic table in less than 15 minutes
commented, "I FEEL LIKE I'M CHEATING."

An 8th grader used MasterMind to help him win first place in
State MathCounts Competition -- and a free trip to Washington D.C.

An adult learned tourist JAPANESE in less than 15 hours.

A university student was afraid she was failing Art History.
Two weeks before the end of the quarter a friend showed her MasterMind;
and for two weeks she spent 20 minutes a day with the system --
she aced the final!

WHAT IS IT REALLY?  HOW DOES IT WORK?  The Magic Learning System is a business opportunity that allows you to sell "MasterMind" on the internet in the convenience of your own home.  Everything is set up for you including a FREE web site.  Your only job is to spread the word about your product ("MasterMind") and then sit back and let the profits $$$$... roll in.  "Mastermind" is a learning program on a CD that displays a random question and then the correct answer. No, it is not a simple flash card system.  It is much more. It uses the SQ3R study method of Question - Read - Recite - and Review.  The SQR3 study method has been thoroughly student-tested and professor-approved in learning labs and in the classroom.  All by itself it's proven to work powerfully.  With the addition of Dr. Paul Pimsleur's principles of "Anticipation and Graduated Interval Recall", you have a software system that is guaranteed to improve grades and slash homework time in half.  Questions answered incorrectly are displayed repeatedly but randomly until answered correctly.  Automatic review lessons are presented to further study the material.  All events are automatic and require no typing just mouse clicks.  Although you can control the timing you can also go manual if you prefer.  The mechanics and design of the material display are subtle but powerful.  There are no distracting graphics to interfere with the learning process.  Each user/student logs in to keep track of individual progress and learning so it can be used by a number of different people.  You can reverse the process and be quizzed by seeing the answer first al-la Jeopardy style. When you return for another session it will automatically present a review of material you have studied.  There are three basic modes of learning; Survey, Learn and Review.  

Included also is a "Creator" module where you can easily make your own personal custom study lesson material.  Just enter the questions and answers by typing them into simple windows.  It is extremely easy to use.  This way you can customize "MasterMind" to material you need to learn names, places, formulas, dates,  elementary/middle-school/high-school/college/graduate/research course material or even simple or complex home studies; Words, Art, History, Zoology, Math, Calculus, Languages, ...Anything, "REALLY"!  The CD includes seven complete learning sets: States/Capital, World History, Vocabulary, Nations, US History, US Presidents, Multiplication.

The second and very important part of the Magic Learning System is your opportunity to sell the system to others and develop a down-line of affiliates and earn money from their sales.  This part of the program is totally FREE and includes a free web site.

For more information on Dr. Pimsleur's learning principals check out these links.


What will you and/or your students accomplish?

1.  TO ORDER YOUR MASTERMIND CD - Click the underlined text  below, then click on the "ORDER" button on the left to order Magic Learning System's "MASTERMIND" CD Program".

2.  TO BECOME A MASTERMIND PROGRAM AFFILIATE - You can also sign up there to sell this product yourself.  It includes a free web site so you can sell it on the internet.  Make money when "your" down-line affiliates sell the product for you.  Just click the underlined text below and read the entire site for details.  It is not necessary to order a CD to benefit from this program but it is recommended as it certainly helps to personally know the product your selling.  Besides you will learn from it.

Click here for "MORE INFORMATION" or to "ORDER"

PS:  If you order the Mastermind CD, here is a lesson file with chemistry periodic table data you can use to learn chemical element symbols, names, atomic weight and mass, and descriptions.  You must have the Mastermind CD to use this file.  Other Mastermind science lesson sets are in development so check back here for updates.  Once you have downloaded the file just put it into your Magic Learning System directory.

Mastermind - Periodic Table Lesson Set - download (25k).

(Note: Files provided, as is, FREE and will not be not responsible for any errors.  If you find any errors please let me know so I can make corrections.)


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