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A Closer Look at DVD

A comparison between home video formats

A DIY Guide to Cleaning Your Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)

An introduction to VCRs - focuses on NTSC VCR


Color Spaces: RGB vs. NTSC

Conventional Analog Television - An Introduction - two lectures of material

Cross-Colour Interference - describes also TV transmission details

Cryptanalysis of DVD Contents Scrambling System

Digital Theater Page - news, discussion forum, reviews, software

Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) - new laser disk standard for video and audio

Disassembly and Investigation of a VCR - course report

DVD and Microsoft Operating Systems - planned support for DVD in Windows


DVD Information Resources

DVD Newsdesk

DVD page - very good DVD information resource

DVD Specifications - basic specifications as announced in the spring of 1996

DVD Utils News

DVD video Consortium

Early U. S. Television Chronology

Engineering Primer - basics of Composite Video Signal

Explaining Aspect Ratios

Fields: Why Video Is Crucially Different from Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Bernard J. Farber, the Movie Censorship Advocate - opinions about movie letterboxing

Genenral Home Theater Info/Advice

Glossary of Terms for Video Essentials

Hardware for Audio/Video Conferencing - pointers to hardware commonly used for MBone-style events

Hi-Rez Tech Articles - home theater planning and technical articles

Home Theater Page - documents, hints, product reviews

Home Theater, HIFI & AV Page by KTS

Home Video Systems Visual Resolution Comparison

How Film Is Transferred to Video

How film is transferred to video - check also notes on film to laser disk conversion

How Television Works - television operation described in simple way

How we see color with out eyes

Imaging Science Foundation

Imaging Science Foundation Reference Library - CIE coordinates examples

Information "Tracks" on Videotape - what tracks are included in normal video tape

Legal Colors - on-line tool to convert RGB values to legal NTSC and PAL values

Motion portrayal, eye tracking, and emerging display technology - paper explores how the temporal characteristics of image capture and image display devices interact with eye tracking

Multimedia Central - The "One-Stop Page" Specifically For Engineers Designing Multimedia ICs or Systems by Keith Jack

Multimedia Glossary - very complete video term dictionary from Video Demystified book

NAB Library & Information Resource Center - private library designed to serve NAB staff and NAB members

National Association of Broadcasters

Notes on VCR failure diagnosis and repair -also useful technical data

Information on video wiring from Kramer Electronics

Poynton's Color Technology Page - Gamma and Color FAQs

Poynton's Video Engineering page - very good general video information site

rec.video FAQ - answers to common video questions

rec.video.desktop FAQ

rec.video.satellite.misc FAQ

Society of Broadcast Engineers

Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Stereo/Multiview Image/Video Coding - papers, discussion forum and links

Steve - lots of home theater information

Television and video links - companies, technical, standards

Televisiotekniikka - basics of television technology in Finnish

The Birth of Television

The DVD Debate - information on DVD releasers


VCR First Aid

Video cabling links

Video Color Phase vs Cable Length

Video: Tech Basics - introduction to video technology

Videonics Video Glossary - designed to be a learning tool, as well as a reference

Videotape Systems Theory

Virtual Urth DVD Channel - DVD news and reviews

Vision Science in WWW virtual library

What is SSTV? - information about Slow Scan Television (SSTV) used by Radio Amateurs

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