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This is the BEST basic electronics course on the internet.  Why?  Because it is organized so you can select your areas of interest and go directly to them.  Most internet courses are disorganized and it is hard to find particular information and follow their train of thought.  There is a lot of good information on the internet but finding it and organizing it takes a lot of time, skill and effort.  We have done all that for you.  Enjoy.
  Whatever your interest or current level of knowledge you can find valuable information here in our FREE electronics course.  If you are a rank beginner or have a post doctorate in electrical engineering you can find informative material in our course.  You are encouraged but not obligated to buy the books we suggest to supplement the free material.  This is our only means of support.

FIRST:  Look over the course table and quickly browse through all the links.  This will give you a feel for where you should start depending on your current skill level and also an idea of where you can go with the course.  Print out these pages and use it to track your progress by placing check marks in the "Check Box" column labeled CK.

SECOND:  Write down your objectives for the course in the space below. Answer the question, "what do you want to learn from this course".  What is your purpose for spending your time on this course, and what do you want to do with the information?  Then, organize and schedule your time.

Your course
Your Notes:


Study Guide & Test: Bell South Electronics Study Guide and Test  http://www.asisvcs.com/publications/pdf/710041.pdf


Phase I:  Electricity


Phase V:  Advanced


Introduction (1)   Amateur Radio  

Phase Locked Loops


Basic Electricity (2)

  Antennas & Wavelength   Power Supplies-Ckts    
    Books - Basic Electronics   Radio Astronomy    

Phase II: Components:

  Books - More Books   Ref. I - Engineering    

Basic Electronics (3)

  Books - Top 10   Ref. II - Electronics    
Resistors & Circuits (4)   Calculations/Conversions   Resonant Circuits  
Ohms Law  (5)   Calculators for Electronics   RF Design  
Capacitors and Circuits (6)   Circuit Design - SPICE   RF Cafe  
Inductors (7)   Circuits and Science   Robots    
    Data Sheets   Schematics-Projects  

Phase III: Workshop

  DSP - Design - Tutorial   Simulation    
Math for Electronics (8)   Electronics Links   Smith Charts    
Shop Practices (9)   Engineer on a Disk   SAS  

Test Equipment (10)

  FCC   Software - Electronics    

Soldering - How to (11)

  Ferrite Cores   Software - Engineering    
    Filters   Standards & Formulas  

Phase IV: Active Ckts.

  Fourier Transform   Substituting-Transistors  
Transistors/LED's  (12)   Formulas - EE   Technical Links  
Integrated Circuits (13)   HF Transformer Design   Television    
Digital Electronics  (14)   Lasers   Toroids I  
TTL Logic        (15)   MathCAD-Electronics   Toroids II - Calculating    
Eddy Currents (16)   NEWS-Industry    Transistors/LED's  
    PCB Design     Tutorials - Free Online  

THIRD:  Book recommendations and suggestions to accompany this course are:
Schaum's Easy Outline of Basic Electricity or   Navy Basic Electricity  


Basic Electronics by Grob,           

Instructor's Manual by Malvino.  

Math for Electronics by Grob,  

Art of Electronics by Horowitz,   

Navy Basic Electronics

Art of Electronics - Student Manual by Horowitz,   

Electronic Principles by Malvino

Electronics ScrapBook by Forrest Mims,  

Experiments Manual by Malvino,  

Engineers Notebook by Forrest Mims,  

Workbook by Malvino,  

Op Amps by Forrest Mims  


Sensors by Forrest Mim,  

RF Circuit Design   

Formulas, Symbols, Circuts by Forrest Mims

CMOS Circuit Design  

EDN's Analog Circuit Design

Basic Digital Electronics  

EDN's Troubleshootin Analog Circuits

Digital Design & Computers

Practical Electronics for Inventors   

The Circuit Designer's Companion A must have book!

ENGINEERING - Electrical Engineering Handbook by Dorf
This page can be found at:    http://www.101science.com/basicelectronics.htm