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Special!!! RFSIM99 Download RFsim99.exe
RFsim99 linear simulator.
RFSim99 is a
free linear S-parameter based circuit simulator offering schematic capture, simulation, 1 port and 2 port S-parameter display and file support, tolerance analysis, stability circles, and much more. Requires Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000. File size 2045KB.

Helpful handouts as they become available

 Christian Bourde, Jeff Fuller, and Steve Long's RF Prototyping Techniques

  Minimum Loss Attenuator Program

 ADS Toturial:  Stability

 Motoroal Low Noise Amp App Note

 RF Amplifier Design  Handout

 RFSim99.exe RF simulation program

HyDesign Ltd.

 Download Sonnet Lite - HF EM Software

 Class C Amp Simulation Example

 3rd Order Discrete HPF Chebyshev

RF in a Nutshell

RF in a Nutshell 1

AM Radio Ckt

Michael Ellis Mixer Tutorial

ARRL Article on Circles on Smith Chart

Berner Circuit Design w/ Smith Chart

WEBBENCH http://www.national.com/appinfo/webench/scripts/my_webench.cgi

Design Tools

FREE RF software and other stuff: http://koti.netplaza.fi/~jonverro/

Circuit Sage: Analog/RF Design Resources

A 'How-to' of Spread Spectrum: Tips & Quips Info Page -- The Hands 

A1! Design Tools Page -- ACOLADE, Avista SPRECTRE/XL, Eagleware 

RF Design Environment Search Window

RF help: performance tips, design help, advances in RF

Rf design

[IndustryCommunity.com] RF Board Design tips

[IndustryCommunity.com] Re: RF Board Design tips

Analog Design Initiative - Industry Resources

Free RF Design Software from Agilent | Free RF design software
Electronic Design Software | MATLAB RF design routines | EE Shareware
RF CAFE - Software | KSI Software Solutions Library

Phillips RF Design Manual - Free Download http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/other/discretes/philips_rf_manual_3rd_edition.pdf

Amplifier Design Tutorial - Free Download  http://www.odyseus.nildram.co.uk/RFMicrowave_Theory_Files/Amp_tutorial.pdf

Application Note Links http://www.rfcafe.com/references/app_note_links.htm

Video Distribution Tutorial http://www.hometech.com/learn/video1.html

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Analog Devices: RF Design - Signal Chains, APP_NOTES, Technical 

Low-cost RF sniffer finds 2.4-GHz sources - 11/23/2006 - EDN

Amazon.com: RF Design Guide: Systems, Circuits, and Equations 

Sr. RF Design Engineer job in Morgan Hill, CA; Palo Alto, CA 

Ideas for Design

RF design methodologies bridging system-IC-module design - Design

RF Design Engineer - mobile technology - PlanetRecruit

Analog Devices: RF/Microwave Instrumentation: Wireless Solutions

Instant-Jobs™ : Technical Futures : Search Results: 12 Matches 

RF Design Methodologies bridging System-IC-Module Design

300MHz RF module - Page 3 - Electronic Circuits Projects Diagrams Free

EETimes.com - DAC calls for 'wild and crazy' ideas

Virtual RF Design and Testing

Open Directory - Science: Technology: Electronics: Reference

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio

RF Specialty Gift Design, Inc.

Aerospace Consulting -- wireless, rf, rf design, wireless design

EETimes.com - Wanted: wireless networking ideas

PIC Microcontroller Eases RF Design

Portable Design - Welcome to Portable Design 2.0


Knox Associates Design.com--RF and Electronic design engineering 

Layout 1

To Old Friends and New Beginnings


electronic projects and electronics tutorials

Rf amplifier design - How to Design RF Circuits (Ref. No. 2000/027

Wipro Technologies - Body electronics, Design for test, Design 

To Old Friends and New Beginnings

SOCcentral: Meeting the Challenges of Next Generation Wireless

New York Times Video - Latest Video Reports

BuilderBooks | Books That Build Your Business

Session RP1 - Poster Session VIII.

Design Application Briefs for Amplifiers, Audio, Data Conversion 

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RF-IC Design - Acreo

Third Party Tutorials

rf - internet resources (rf)

VLSI Design, Kolkata, India, Jan 3-7 2005

Reality Factory Open Source Project - Advanced Game Creation Suite

Tutorials in the JSSC

The Communications Design Conference - Monday Tutorials

RF and Communications: Tutorials

RF help: performance tips, design help, advances in RF

Eagleware Applications for SPECTRASY

[PDF] Designing a low-noise VCO on FR4 tutorial

Wireless Local Loop Tutorials

OEA International, Inc. - The Gold Standard for Accurate Parasitic


Analog Design Initiative - Industry Resources

Elliott Labs - EMCT: High Speed Design Tutorial on CD-ROM

[PDF] RF Prototyping Techniques ECE145/ECE218 Christian Bourde Jeff

[PDF] Phase Shifter Design Tutorial Download full paper.

Edu Products -- Multisim RF Design

RF design tools get a push


MOS Transistor Modeling for RF Integrated Circuit Design

A Collection of Smith Chart Resources


[PDF] Using Verilog-A in RF Design Environment

Tutorials Top Links

VE7CA -> Design

RF Cafe - Recent Additions Archive - Older Items

Silicon Chip Online - PC Board Design Tutorial - Part 1

WSK: RF Design Environment - Systems-Modules-RFIC



JMS Spectrum Analysis Applications

[PDF] ECE166 Spring 2001 HP Advanced Design System (ADS) Tutorial .

Micrel's QwikRadio™ Home Page

The educational encyclopedia, electronic amplifier circuits

WIFI-WLAN antenna applications, WIFI antenna design, LAN antenna design, 2.4 gHz
Electronic circuits online

The educational encyclopedia, RF circuits, radio frequency circuits, HF-circuits
Battery charger circuits

The educational encyclopedia, optical circuits

The educational encyclopedia, audio circuits

The educational encyclopedia, oscillator types, Wien Bridge oscillators, Crystal.

The educational encyclopedia, electronic circuits

Operational amplifiers

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Lot's of Good RF Design Information on this page: http://home.sandiego.edu/~ekim/e194rfs01/

PSpice student edition
Digital Simulator
Dolphin Intergration's SMASH
Electronics Workbench
SIMetrix Intro

Beige Bag Software


Download Software, Shareware and Freeware - a CompInfo Directory

EasySim Digital Electronic Simulator

eda: eda electronic design automation.


Electronic Hardware Simulation - The EE Compendium

Electronic Software

Electronics software



Forward Migration Kit: Electronic simulation software

FREE Software Demos for SPICE, Magnetics Design, Power Supply ...  

FZ Karlsruhe - The KISMET simulation homepage

Guide to Surface Science Software

IC & Semiconductor Home Page

Interface Technologies Demo Software Download

Intusoft's Home on the Web: SPICE Simulation, Analog and Mixed- ... ICAP/4

NeuroDimension, Inc: The World Leader in Neural Network Software

Open Directory - Science: Technology: Software for Engineering: ...  

Physiology Files & Software Archive

rf1disk1.ziprf1disk2.zip - RF & Microwave circuit simulation package. Windows 3.1+

RHR Laboratories, CAE simulation software for RF systems

Technical Software and Information Products @ Rapra

The MicroSim Web Site Has Moved!

timecrft.zip - Electronic circuit timing diagram generator. Windows 3.0+.

VIEWS & Software Based Training Systems

Visual Spice Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Software

Welcome to CHESS (Consulting Hydrogeology & Environmental ...  Theory and Modeling Group, CPAM

 MATHCAD for Electronics

Download Mathematics & Simulation / Mathcad from Adept Scientific ...
Ashley - Analog Electronics with LabVIEW
EE 3050 - Analog Electronics
EDN - MathCAD functions perform log interpolation
[PDF] Chart Analysis Enhanced with Mathcad

Mathcad Resources for Electronics - Circuit Sage

New Routine
A/D Design
Filter Design
Impedance Matching
Inductor Design
LNA/PA Design
PLL Design
Transceiver Design
Transmission Line Design

The following MathCad scripts accompany the text
"High-Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic"

These scripts may be used to simulate long transmission structures using the frequency-domain method, which for linear systems is acknowledged as the "gold standard" against which other simulation technologies are measured. These scripts provide incredible control over every parameter of simulation. They may be re-programmed to suit almost any need. The scripts are provided in MathCad syntax, and also in the form of .pdf files in case you want to just see the equations so you can port them to another brand of mathematical spreadsheet.

Version 2001i MathCad / High-Speed Signal Propagation modeling scripts (.zip)

Version 8 MathCad / High-Speed Signal Propagation modeling scripts (.zip)

Version 6 MathCad / High-Speed Signal Propagation modeling scripts (.zip)

Version 2001i High-Speed Signal Propagation .PDF versions (.zip)

Version 2.0/2.5 MathCad Formulas (.zip)

Version 5.0 MathCad Formulas (.zip)

Version 6.0 MathCad Formulas (.zip)

Version 8.0 MathCad Formulas (.zip)

Version 2001 MathCad Formulas (.zip)

MUST HAVE!  TI-83 Plus BETTER!  TI-89 BEST!  Voyage 200

Printed Circuit Board Design

[IndustryCommunity.com] Electrical and Electronic Community

[IndustryCommunity.com] Electrical and Electronic Community > ...  

Burn-in Endurance Test. PCB Printed Circuit Design Assembly.

Circuit Board Design - KimchuK, Inc. ISO 9002 Danbury, CT ...  

Colt Technology - Electronic Design And Manufacturing, Printed ...   

Data acquisition, test, and measurement information for ...  

DTI : Launch Printed Circuit Board Design Scheme

Dynamic Details, Inc. || SOLUTIONS | ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURE|| ...  

Dynamic Details, Inc. || SOLUTIONS || Printed Circuit Board ...  


EE at UMR and Conted Course Offerings

EE Times Online

Electronic Circuits

ELECTRONIC DESIGN - April 6, 1998 - Printed-Circuit Board Changes 

ELECTRONIC DESIGN - April 6, 1998 - Printed-Circuit Board Changes 

Electronic Design Automation

Elektrotek design, circuit design, printed circuit board, ...  

EngResource Electronic Design Engineers Reference


Intelligent Electronic Component Inspection System

Introduction To ExpressPCB - PC board layout software and low ...  

Making Printed Circuit Boards

NASO: Engineering & Design, Circuit Board Design

Open Directory - Computers: CAD: Electronic Design Automation


PCB Design - Artwork and Layout Service for Printed Circuit ...

PCB Design Layout Services, Printed Circuit Board Design and ...  

PCB Layout

PCB Layout - Printed Circuit Board Layout and Design

PCB Board Creation - Design Software!

Eagle PCB Design Software http://www.cadsoft.de/info.htm

Eagle Lite Freeware http://www.cadsoft.de/freeware.htm

Eagle Download http://www.cadsoft.de/cgi-bin/download.pl?page=/home/cadsoft/html_public/download.htm.en&dir=pub/program/4.1

Eagle Getting Started Tutorial   http://fab.media.mit.edu/topics/electronics/pcb/

An Eagle Board Example:                           An Eagle Schematic Example:


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Amateur Radio

Ohms Law  

Antennas & Wavelength Calculator

PCB Design

Basic Electricity - Electric Circuits

PCB Development

Basic Electronics

Phase Locked Loops

Books - Basic Electronics

Power Supplies & Circuits

Books - More Books

Radio Astronomy

Books - Top 10 Electronics

Radio Astronomy Links

Calculations and Conversions

Reference I - Engineering


Reference II - General Electronics

Capacitors and capacitor circuits

Resistors and Resistor  Circuits

Circuit Design and Circuits -pSpice

Resonant Circuits

Circuits and Science

RF Design

Computer Links

RF Cafe

Data Sheets


Digital Electronics  

Schematics and Projects

DSP - Design - Tutorial

Shop Practices

Electronics Links - Everything!!


Engineer on a Disk

Smith Charts


Software - Electronics

Ferrite Cores - Testing Unknown

Software - Engineering


Soldering - How to Guides

Fourier Transform

Standards & Data & Formulas

HF Transformer Design Technical Links for Engineers



Integrated Circuits

Test Equipment

Introduction to Electronics *

Toroids I  

Math for Electronics

Toroids II - Calculating

MathCAD for Electronics


NEWS - Electronics Industry    







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