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2.  DIGITAL CAMERAS  -  Yeah!  Finally!  

Film-less digital photography is here to stay.  

The prices are down and features are going up.  The cameras and DIGITAL photographs are improving.  Many now have vibration reduction (VR)  shake control built in.  The fact that you don't have to buy film and you can erase/delete bad shots makes digital photography very attractive.  

Digital retouching with computer software is another real boon.  With the appropriate software you can correct exposure, white balance, sharpness and other parameters of the image.  You can also erase those ugly telephone poles and power lines from otherwise great shots.  It takes some time and effort to learn - but it is great fun.

If you don't have a digital camera and are taking only a very few family photos a film camera you already have or a throw away one-time film camera is still an inexpensive way to get a few shots of a family event.  Eventually though, you will want a digital camera. It is the way to go.

Everyone asks - when buying a digital camera, how many mega pixels do I need.  Well, I would suggest you not purchase one with less than four MP - mega pixels.  Six is better if you plan on doing any cropping and/or printing 8 x 10 inch prints.  Ten mega pixels is great - especially if you plan on purchasing or printing 11" x 14" sized blow-ups or plan on very extensive cropping.  There you have it.  The important point here is that for all practical purposes an image small enough to be sent in an email, for example, will be just as good from a 4 mega pixel camera as one from a 10 mega pixel or more camera, all other things being equal.  Are there differences between brands?  Yes, but today almost all will serve you well for your family snapshots so look primarily for price, size, type of memory required, battery type, LCD size and handling issues.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to decide which brand and model is best for you so - just go get one.  Many stores will let you bring it back for a full refund, if your not happy.  Check the store policy before you make the purchase.  Be sure to keep your receipt, box, and everything that came with the camera.  Make sure you meet their time requirements for a camera return as it is usually shorter than other purchases.  Ten days is fairly normal.   At the beginning of page one we talked about point and shoots versus digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras so go back and read the first section again for more details.  Ccheck internet reviews of various cameras but remember they are often only one persons opinion and new and better models come out every day it seems.  Just order one and try it out today.

A book you should own.


Some Typical Digital Cameras 




Free Online Digital Camera Tutorials

A Short Course in Using Your Digital Camera Dennis P. Curtin

All great images, digital or otherwise, start by capturing a great photo and capturing great photos requires an understanding of your camera. It's these aspects of digital photography that this on-line book is all about.


Digital Cameras Beginners Tutorial Lloyd Cook

Mega-Pixels, Optical Zoom, Digital Zoom, F1.8, 35MM, Wide-Angle, Macro, Resolution, Kb, Mb, Upload...What does it all mean?

A typical photographers web page: www.wix.com/ledodd/Larry-E-Dodd-Photography

Photography is fun and is a great way to preserve history of yourself, your family, and this great life.  Now with all that said; you need to buy a new camera.  Check out our listing of:




Here are some informative video links:
First some magazines, DV sites, and general video info sites:

"Digital Video Live"
"NewMedia Magazine"
"DVD Insider"
"DV Central"
"Videomaker Magazine"
"The Mining Company"
"The Video Guys" (a commercial site but lots of good info)
"Super Video" Another commercial site that specializes in selling Japanese imports. Lots of good info on new products.
"Sima's filming tips"
"Canon DV: DV Format" Canon explains DV

Here are some informative digital camera links:
"Curtin's Short Courses" The best introduction to all things digital out there."
"Steve's Digicams" Check out this site first for whats new. Steve keeps on top of the scene. It would be redundant for me to add too many digital camera links because Steve keeps such an exhaustive list. I just forward the ones I find to him.
"The Imaging Resource" You'll find camera reviews there as well as something they call the "comparater". It lets you place images of the same subject, from different cameras side by side for comparison.
"Phil Askey's Digital Camera Website" Reviews, specs and informative articles.
"Megapixel.net" Reviews.
"Family PC's latest review of digital cameras"

and some video reviews:
"The Review Finder: Camcorders"
"e-town product info and reviews (SW's review of a TRV-85's lowlight ability is in total disagreement with my experience)"
"The Photonut's Photography Links: Video Cameras"
"Martin Johnson's review of a Sony TRV7E DV" (This is how a real review should look)

and here are a few reputable mailorder houses based on usenet postings and mailorder surveys (see below):

"Camera World of Oregon"
"Adorama Photo"
"B&H Photo and Video"

and for specific Nikon 900 accessories like lens adapters and batteries:

"Battery City"

New & Used Equipment Buy/Sell Forum"

and here is a classified site for used equipment:

"Custom Video Productions New & Used Equipment Buy/Sell Forum"

and here are surveys and information about mailorder houses:

"Where to buy a Camera"
"Reseller Ratings"

to find good prices, check out:

"Computer Shopper"

Read the online>> Photography Book Reviews and Recommendations.

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Click here>> Camera Simulation

Click here>> Exposure Explained

Click here>>  National Geographic Photographers

You might like to visit the "Exposure"  web site for beginners.  Or, the"Ansel Adams" web site for inspiration.  Click; "Basic Photography " , or; "Photography 2",  for a tutorial.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to the Tutorials Index, or click the "Photography" button in the directory on the left to return here.

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<<<The Ansel Adams Guide : Basic Techniques of Photography (Book 1)     Oder this book today.


Ansel Adams Guide : Basic Techniques of Photography : (Book 2

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Photography 101 Program 1 - Mother Nature's Studio ~ VHS
Photography 101 Program 2 - Landscape Country ~ VHS
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Photography 101 Program 4 - Travels With Your Camera ~ VHS

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